About fido7 hierarchy

This document describes what fido7 usenet hierachy is, why is it moderated and how it works.
It is also available in Russian version.

Fido7 hierarchy carries Russian-language Fidonet® echomail converted into usenet compatible format. This is not a "normal" hierarchy because the newsgroups in it are not created after voting, but rather mirror existing Fidonet echomail areas.

In Fidonet, netiquette is in some aspects different from that in usenet. Although Fidonet technology does not allow moderated echomail areas (i.e. pre-moderated like in usenet), most areas are post-moderated. This means that in case of inappropriate postings, the responsible node is punished, and may be technically disconnected from the echomail area, or even from all areas.

It is also expected that the operator of a Fidonet node (reffered to as "Sysop") only provides users with access to echomail after [s]he makes them know what kind of net.attitude is appropriate and what is not. Then, when a user breaks the rules, his/her Sysop is in charge.

This kind of approach has serious impact on the operation of Fidonet - usenet gateways. In Fidonet, all usenet posters are visible as the uses of a single Fidonet node, the one that operates as the gateway. And if the newsgroups are unmoderated, the Sysop has no means to inform the subscribers about the rules and traditions before they post.

That is why, the operation scheme of fido7 hierarchy has been redesigned in early 1997 for closer resemblance with Fidonet practice. All newsgroups in the hierarchy has been made moderated. A special program has been set up at the moderation point, operating in the following way:

Some may think that this is a facist scheme, but the gatekeeper assures you that it is really necessary, not because the gatekeeper is a facist, but because Fidonet moderators and readers are very nervous about inappropriate postings, and bidirectional gatewaying has become impossible without such precausions. The moderators just started disconnecting the gateway node from their echomail areas.

If you need more information, or wish to share your ideas, you are welcome to contact the gatekeeper at <gatekeeper@fido7.org>.

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